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RA-BAn Ms. 236R

The manuscript in Buenos Aires - RA-BAn Ms. 236R - from the Biblioteca Nacional de Buenos Aires, Argentina comes originally from Prague in the time of 1720-1730. Beside a few Weiss pieces it contains works of many other lute composers, most of them are anonymous. Because some of the pieces are by Kalivoda, it is also called the Kalivoda manuscript.

Il y a 8 pieces de Weiss, 1 unique et 7 concordant, en sélection 1:

Côté = 56v

Cacher incipts!


RA-BAn/56vBoure in DWeissSW 26.8 (Sm 172)

A-ETgoess-X/78v, F-Sim/26r ("Ariette"), GB-HA/41 ("Capricio Pichler"), GB-Lbl30387/129r ("Comment Sçavez-Vous?"), I-VgcChilesotti/454.4, I-VgcChilesotti/508.5, PL-Wu2003/33v, PL-Wu2010/88 ("Bourée")