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PL-Wu Ms. RM 4136
(olim Ms. Mf. 2003)

There are 70 pieces by Weiss, 10 unique und 60 concordant.

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PL-Wu2003/2rAllemande in FWeissSW 1.2 (Sm 2)
D-Dl/11, A-ROII/52r, GB-Lbl30387/1v (au), A-Wn1078/39v (au), PL-Wu2004/5v, PL-Wu2005/1

PL-Wu2003/2vCourante in FWeissSW 1.3 (Sm 3)
D-Dl/12, A-ROII/35v, GB-Lbl30387/2v (au), D-ROu53.1A/75v ("Courand"), A-Wn1078/40v (au), PL-Wu2004/6v, PL-Wu2005/2

PL-Wu2003/3rBouree in FWeissSW 1.4 (Sm 4)
D-Dl/13, A-ROII/54v, GB-Lbl30387/3v (au), PL-Wu2004/6r, PL-Wu2005/3

PL-Wu2003/3vSarabande in dWeissSW 1.5 (Sm 5)
D-Dl/13, A-ROII/55r, GB-Lbl30387/4r (au), A-Wn1078/42v (au), PL-Wu2004/7r, PL-Wu2005/4

PL-Wu2003/3vMenuet in FWeissSW 1.9 (Sm 9)
GB-Lbl30387/6v (au), PL-Wu2004/7v, PL-Wu2005/4

PL-Wu2003/4vGiq[ue] in FWeissSW 1.7 (Sm 7)
D-Dl/14, A-ROII/56v, GB-Lbl30387/5r (au), A-Wn1078/43v (au), PL-Wu2004/8r, PL-Wu2005/6

PL-Wu2003/5vAllemande in CWeissSW 88.1; 81.1 (Sm 506)
A-ROI/49r, PL-Wu2005/8, var. of Sm 255

PL-Wu2003/6rBouree in CWeissSW 88.2 (Sm 507)
PL-Wu2003/6r, PL-Wu2005/9

PL-Wu2003/6vCourante in CWeissSW 88.3; 81.2 (Sm 501)
GB-HA/175 ("Courante par Weiss"), A-ROI/49v, PL-Wu2005/10, A-GÖI/6v ("W:berg/ Courante"), var. Sm 256

PL-Wu2003/7vSarabande in CWeissSW 88.4 (Sm 509)
PL-Wu2003/7v, PL-Wu2005/12

PL-Wu2003/8rMenuet in CWeissSW 88.5 (Sm 510)
PL-Wu2003/8, PL-Wu2005/12

PL-Wu2003/8rTrio in CWeissSW 88.6; 13* (Sm 112)
GB-Lbl30387/90v, PL-Wu2003/8r ("Trio"), PL-Wu2005/12 ("Trio")

PL-Wu2003/8vAllegro in CWeissSW 88.7 (Sm 511)
PL-Wu2003/8v, PL-Wu2005/14

PL-Wu2003/9v[no title] in CWeissSW 88.8; 12* (Sm 111)
GB-Lbl30387/89v ([no title]), PL-Wu2003/9v ([no title]), PL-Wu2005/16 ([no title])

PL-Wu2003/10rMenuet in CWeissSW 88.9 (Sm 513)
PL-Wu2003/10r, PL-Wu2005/15

PL-Wu2003/12rSarabande in f#

PL-Wu2003/12vOuverture in AWeissSW 89.1

PL-Wu2003/13rAllemande in AWeissSW 89.2 (Sm 480)
GB-HA/90 (in G major), PL-Wu2003/12v

PL-Wu2003/13vCourante in AWeissSW 89.3 (Sm 481)
GB-HA/91 (G major), PL-Wu2003/13v, PL-Wu2005/120

PL-Wu2003/14rSarabande in f#

PL-Wu2003/15rAllemande / del Sigre Weiss in AWeissSW 44.2 (Sm 301)
Bk/1, CZ-Bm372/45, D-Dl/145, GB-HA/127, A-ROI/29r (b 47, v 51), F-PnII/14v, I-VgcChilesotti/504.2, PL-Wu2005/121

PL-Wu2003/15rBourée / [del Sigre Weiss] in AWeissSW 44.4 (Sm 303)
CZ-Bm372/47, D-Dl/146, GB-HA/25, GB-HA/128, A-ROI/30v (b 48, v 52), cf. D-KNu/30r, F-PnII/13r, St/17v, I-VgcChilesotti/505.2, PL-WRu/41

PL-Wu2003/15vCourante in AWeissSW 44.3 (Sm 302)
CZ-Bm372/46 ("Courente"), D-Dl/146 ("Courrante"), GB-HA/127, A-ROI/29v (b 47,v 51), F-PnII/12v, I-VgcChilesotti/504.3, PL-Wu2005/122

PL-Wu2003/15vMenuet in AWeissSW 44.6 (Sm 305)
CZ-Bm372/47, D-Dl/147, A-ROI/31r (b 48, v 53), cf. D-KNu/30v, F-PnII/13r, I-VgcChilesotti/504.4, PL-Wu2008/122, PL-Wu2009/176, PL-WRu/42

PL-Wu2003/16rSarabande in AWeissSW 44.5 (Sm 304)
CZ-Bm372/45, D-Dl/147 ("Sarab:"), GB-HA/128, A-ROI/30r (b 48, v 52), F-PnII/15r, I-VgcChilesotti/505.1 PL-WRu/42

PL-Wu2003/16vGigue in AWeissSW 44.7 (Sm 306)
CZ-Bm372/48, D-Dl/148 ("Gique"), GB-HA/129, A-ROI/31v (b 49, v 53), F-PnII/13v, I-VgcChilesotti/505.2, PL-Wu2005/123, PL-WRu/43

PL-Wu2003/17vAllegro in AWeissSW 49*
PL-Wu2003/17v ("Du M.Weiss/Allegro"), PL-Wu2005/124 ("Allegro/Du M.S.Weiss"), Bk/PG1 ("Fuga")

PL-Wu2003/18vCourante in AWeissSW 99.2 (Sm 470)
GB-HA/3, PL-Wu2003/18v

PL-Wu2003/19vMenuet in A
PL-Wu2003/19v, PL-Wu2005/126

PL-Wu2003/20rMenuet in A
PL-Wu2003/20, PL-Wu2005/127

PL-Wu2003/30v[no title] in dWeissSW 73* (Sm 468)
RF-Mcm/25r ("Alternati"), PL-Wu2003/30v (no title), PL-Wu2005/44 (no title)

PL-Wu2003/31rPaisane in DWeissSW 28* (Sm 218)
GB-Lbl30387/155v ("Mademoiselle Tiroloise"), PL-Wu2003/31r ("Paisane"), PL-Wu2005/80 ("Paisane")

PL-Wu2003/33v[no title] in DWeissSW 26.8 (Sm 172)
A-ETgoess-X/78v, F-Sim/26r ("Ariette"), GB-HA/41 ("Capricio Pichler"), GB-Lbl30387/129r ("Comment Sçavez-Vous?"), I-VgcChilesotti/454.4, I-VgcChilesotti/508.5, PL-Wu2010/88 ("Bourée"), RA-BAn/56v

PL-Wu2003/34rAllemande in DWeissSW 90.1

PL-Wu2003/34vCourante in DWeissSW 90.2

PL-Wu2003/35rGavotte in DWeissSW 90.3

PL-Wu2003/35rMenuet in DWeissSW 90.4

PL-Wu2003/35vSarabande in DWeissSW 90.5

PL-Wu2003/35vBouree in DWeissSW 90.6; WeissSW 92.6
PL-Wu2004/32v ("Allegro"), RA-BAn/95v

PL-Wu2003/36rMenuet in DWeissSW 90.7; cf. 92.4

PL-Wu2003/36vGig[ue] in DWeissSW 90.8

PL-Wu2003/37rMenuet in DWeissSW 100.4
PL-WRu/118 ("Leub."), PL-Wu2003/37, PL-Wu2010/85, Var. of Sm 108

PL-Wu2003/39rMenuet in D
PL-Wu2003/39, PL-Wu2005/82, PL-Wu8135/12

PL-Wu2003/39rTrio in d
PL-Wu2003/39, PL-Wu2005/82-83, PL-Wu8135/12v ("Duetto")

PL-Wu2003/41vPrelude in DWeissSW 91.1 (Sm 514)
PL-Wu2003/41v, PL-Wu2005/84 ("Praeludium")

PL-Wu2003/42vAllegro in DWeissSW 91.2; var. WeissSW 25* (Sm 215)
var. l30387/153v,var. PL-Wu2003/42v ("Allegro"), PL-Wu2005/86 ("Allegro")

PL-Wu2003/43vAllemande in DWeissSW 91.3 (Sm 515)
PL-Wu2003/43v, PL-Wu2005/88, Bk/25

PL-Wu2003/44rMenuet in dWeissSW 91.4 (Sm 516)
PL-Wu2003/44r, PL-Wu2005/89

PL-Wu2003/44vCourente in DWeissSW 91.5 (Sm 517)
PL-Wu2003/44v, PL-Wu2005/90


1 51