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GB-Lbl Ms. Add. 30387
London Weiss ms.

The so called manuscript of London - GB-Lbl Ms. Add. 30387 - is nowadays in the British Library of London. Originally it comes from Prague and contains nearly exclusively pieces by Silvius Leopold Weiss or his brother Johann Sigismund. According to the newest research Johann Christian Anthoni von Adlersfeld had been the original owner of the manuscript. He was a lover of music and in his house musicians like Losy and Stölzel met. The compositions in the London ms date from 1706 - ca. 1725. The lute book was written by different writers, one of them Silvius Leopold Weiss himself.
More details can be found in London unveiled by Michel Cardin or on the page on the Dresden and London mss by Tim Crawford.

Il y a 238 pieces de Weiss, 104 unique et 134 concordant, en sélection 0:

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1 51 101 151 201