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F-Pn Rés. Vmc ms. 61
"Venetiis / 7 7br. 1712" (PthII)

The Pariser manuscript PnII - F-Pn Rés Vmc ms. 61 - in the Bibliotheque Nationale de Paris, France seems to be the oldest manuscript with works by Silvius Leopold Weiss and his brother Johann Sigismund Weiss according to the date: "Venetiis 7. 7bre 1712". Obviously it stems from Venetia around 1712 and it contains 129 pieces by the Weiss brothers, Losy and others for 11-course lute.
Earlier it had been in the possesion of Aleksandra Polinski in Warsaw, afterwards until 1944 it was part of the library of Madame Geneviève Thibault, the Comtesse de Chambure (Thibault VII).

Il y a 41 pieces de Weiss, 18 unique et 23 concordant, en sélection 0:

Côté = 25v (variant in g minor)