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F-Pn Rés Vma ms. 1213 (olim LL 244)
"Weiss à Rome" (PthI)

The Paris manuscript PnI - F-Pn Rés Vma ms. 1213 - in the Bibliotheque Nationale de Paris, France probably stems from Germany around 1740, although the music of Weiss seems to be according to the title ("Fantaisies et Préludes composés par Mr Weiss à Rome") from the time, he had been in Rome (1710-1714). The manuscript can be dated quite exactly because of the Tombeau composed by Gebel in 1738. Beside other works by Gebel it contains many chorals, some of them composed by Falckenhagen.

Il y a 8 pieces de Weiss, 2 unique et 6 concordant, en sélection 0:

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