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Ms. Mus. 2841-V-1
Dresde Weiss manuscrit

The manuscript of Dresden - D-Dl - Ms. Mus. 2841-V-1 - in the Sächsische Landesbibliothek in Dresden, Germany, consists of 6 volumes of lute music by Silvius Leopold Weiss.
The first 5 volumes contain solo sonatas by Silvius Leopold Weiss ordered by key. These sonatas have come to us in different hand written fascicles. Partly there are autographs of the Dresden lutenist and also corrections by his hand. Probably parts of the manuscript have been looked over by him. But as some of the fascicles have many mistakes in them, he can't have autorized the collection in the whole. The final compilation and binding had been done probably not too late after his death.
The 6th volume contains concerts and duos for lute. Only the concert in c minor for baroque lute and strings by Johann Sigismund Weiss is complete. The other are missing all accompaning parts.
Especially because of the autographs the so-called Dresden manuscript ist an important source, that contains music by Silvius Leopold Weiss of his complete period of composing from 1706 to his last years. It includes many late sonatas, that reveal his mastery of composition.

Il y a 259 pieces de Weiss, 115 unique et 144 concordant.

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D-Dl/1Prelude in FWeissSW 33.1 (Sm 225)

D-Dl/2Allemande in FWeissSW 33.2 (Sm 226)
var. Sm 203

D-Dl/2Cour: in FWeissSW 33.3 (Sm 227)
D-Mbs/6r (vgl. Sm 3)

D-Dl/3Bourrée in FWeissSW 33.4 (Sm 228)

D-Dl/3Sarab: in FWeissSW 33.5 (Sm 229)

D-Dl/4Men:1. in FWeissSW 33.6 (Sm 230)

D-Dl/4Men 2. in FWeissSW 33.7 (Sm 231)

D-Dl/5Gique in FWeissSW 32.6 (Sm 224)
GB-Lbl30387/158v, PL-WRu/97, CZ-POm/34)

D-Dl/6Allemande in FWeissSW 32.1 (Sm 219)
GB-Lbl30387/156r, PL-WRu/91

D-Dl/6Cour: in FWeissSW 32.2 (Sm 220)
GB-Lbl30387/156v, PL-WRu/92

D-Dl/7Sarab: in dWeissSW 32.4 (Sm 222)
GB-Lbl30387/157v, PL-WRu/94

D-Dl/8Bourrée in FWeissSW 32.3 (Sm 221)
GB-Lbl30387/157r, PL-WRu/93

D-Dl/8Men:1. in FWeissSW 32.5 (Sm 223)
GB-Lbl30387/158r, PL-WRu/96

D-Dl/9Men:2. in FWeissSW 16* (Sm 158)
GB-Lbl30387/121v, PL-WRu/97

D-Dl/10Gique in FWeissSW 32.7 (Sm 232)
var. GB-Lbl30387/149v - same incipit

D-Dl/11Allem: in FWeissSW 1.2 (Sm 2)
A-ROII/52r, GB-Lbl30387/1v (au), A-Wn1078/39v (au), PL-Wu2003/2r, PL-Wu2004/5v, PL-Wu2005/1

D-Dl/12Cour: in FWeissSW 1.3 (Sm 3)
A-ROII/35v, GB-Lbl30387/2v (au), D-ROu53.1A/75v ("Courand"), A-Wn1078/40v (au), PL-Wu2003/2v, PL-Wu2004/6v, PL-Wu2005/2

D-Dl/13Bour: in FWeissSW 1.4 (Sm 4)
A-ROII/54v, GB-Lbl30387/3v (au), PL-Wu2003/3r, PL-Wu2004/6r, PL-Wu2005/3

D-Dl/13Sarab: in dWeissSW 1.5 (Sm 5)
A-ROII/55r, GB-Lbl30387/4r (au), A-Wn1078/42v (au), PL-Wu2003/3v, PL-Wu2004/7r, PL-Wu2005/4

D-Dl/14Gique in FWeissSW 1.7 (Sm 7)
A-ROII/56v, GB-Lbl30387/5r (au), A-Wn1078/43v (au), PL-Wu2003/4v, PL-Wu2004/8r, PL-Wu2005/6

D-Dl/16Men: in FWeissSW 1.6 (Sm 6)
A-ROII/55v, GB-Lbl30387/4v (au)

D-Dl/17Allemande in FWeissSW 28.1 (Sm 181)
GB-Lbl30387/133v, Bk/39

D-Dl/18Cour: in FWeissSW 28.2 (Sm 182)

D-Dl/20Boureè. in FWeissSW 28.3 (Sm 183)
GB-Lbl30387/135v, D-Dl/20, A-Wn1078/41v (au)

D-Dl/21Sarab: in FWeissSW 28.4 (Sm 184)
GB-Lbl30387/136r, D-Dl/21

D-Dl/22Presto. in FWeissSW 28.6 (Sm 186)
GB-Lbl30387/137v, D-Dl/22, RF-Mcm/13v ("Allegro")

D-Dl/24Menuet. in FWeissSW 28.5 (Sm 185)
GB-Lbl30387/136v, D-Dl/24, A-Wn1078/43r (au)

D-Dl/25Prelude / [S.L.Weiss] in dWeissSW 34.1 (Sm 233)
D-Dl/25 (au), Bk/31

D-Dl/26Allem: / [S.L.Weiss] in dWeissSW 34.2 (Sm 234)

D-Dl/27Courente. / [S.L.Weiss] in dWeissSW 34.3 (Sm 235)
D-Dl/27 ("Courente",au), D-Mbs/9v, (variant of Sm 70)

D-Dl/28Boureè / [S.L.Weiss] in dWeissSW 34.4 (Sm 236)

D-Dl/29Menuet / [S.L.Weiss] in dWeissSW 34.5 (Sm 237)
D-Dl/29 (au), D-Mbs/10r

D-Dl/29Sarab: / [S.L.Weiss] in dWeissSW 34.6 (Sm 238)
D-Dl/29 ("Sarab:",au), D-Mbs/10r, RF-Mcm/3 ("Andantino")

D-Dl/30Menuet. / [S.L.Weiss] in dWeissSW 34.7 (Sm 239)
D-Dl/30 (au), D-Mbs/10v

D-Dl/30Gique / S.L.Weiss in dWeissSW 34.8 (Sm 240)

D-Dl/33Fantasia / [de S. L. Weiss] in dWeissSW 11.7 (Sm 241)
D-Dl/33, D-Mbs/5v ("Prelude"), RF-Mcm/3 ("Prellude"), RF-Mcm/11v ("Prelludium")

D-Dl/34Allem: / [de S. L. Weiss] in dWeissSW 11.1 (Sm 55)
GB-Lbl30387/47r, D-Dl/34, D-ROu53.1A/55v, PL-Wu2003/69r, PL-Wu2005/34

D-Dl/35Cour: / [de S. L. Weiss] in dWeissSW 11.2 (Sm 56)
GB-Lbl30387/47v, D-Dl/35, PL-Wu2003/69v, PL-Wu2004/1v, PL-Wu2005/36

D-Dl/36Gavotte / [de S. L. Weiss] in dWeissSW 11.3 (Sm 57)
GB-Lbl30387/48v, D-Dl/36, PL-Wu2003/70r, PL-Wu2005/35

D-Dl/36Sarab: / [de S. L. Weiss] in dWeissSW 11.4 (Sm 58)
GB-Lbl30387/49r, D-Dl/36, PL-Wu2003/70v, PL-Wu2005/37

D-Dl/37Men: / [de S. L. Weiss] in dWeissSW 11.5 (Sm 59)
GB-Lbl30387/49v, D-Dl/37, PL-Wu2003/71v, PL-Wu2004/2v, PL-Wu2005/40

D-Dl/38Giga / [de S. L. Weiss] in dWeissSW 11.6 (Sm 60)
GB-Lbl30387/50v, D-Dl/38 ("Giga"), PL-Wu2003/70v, PL-Wu2004/3v, PL-Wu2005/38

D-Dl/43Allem. adagio / [di Silvio Leopoldo Weiss] in dWeissSW 35.1 (Sm 242)

D-Dl/44Cour: / [di Silvio Leopoldo Weiss] in dWeissSW 35.2 (Sm 243)

D-Dl/46Paÿsañe / [di Silvio Leopoldo Weiss] in dWeissSW 35.3 (Sm 244)

D-Dl/47Sarab: adagio / [di Silvio Leopoldo Weiss] in FWeissSW 35.4 (Sm 245)

D-Dl/48Allegro. / [di Silvio Leopoldo Weiss] in dWeissSW 35.6 (Sm 246)

D-Dl/50Menuet / [di Silvio Leopoldo Weiss] in dWeissSW 35.5 (Sm 247)

D-Dl/51Allem. in dWeissSW 36.1 (Sm 248)

D-Dl/52Cour. in dWeissSW 36.2 (Sm 249)
D-Dl/52 ("Cour.",au), RF-Mcm/12v ("Courente")


1 51 101 151 201 251