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A-RO Ms. 2
"Lauten Musik von unbekannten Componisten"

The Rohrau lute manuscripts had been discovered in the year 2004 in Schloss Rohrau in Austria. Michael Freimuth and Tim Crawford tell more about the finding and the content under The Harrach Manuscripts. These two large lute books include many singular fascicles that have been bound together. They probably stem from the area around Salzburg. Although the music might partially be from before 1720, the copies possibly are written not before 1735.

Il y a 33 pieces de Weiss, 13 unique et 20 concordant.

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A-ROII/15vCourante in FWeissSW 107.2
A-GÖI/28v, CZ-Bm371/114, CZ-POm/3 ("Lauffensteiner"), A-SEI/58v

A-ROII/16vRigodon in FWeissSW 107.4
A-GÖI/29r, CZ-Bm371/115, A-SEI/60v

A-ROII/18vGigue in FWeissSW 107.5
A-GÖI/27r, A-GÖI/29v, CZ-Bm371/117, A-SEI/59v

A-ROII/20vAllemande in DWeissSW 63.1; WeissSW 2.2 (Sm 12)
GB-Lbl30387/8r (au), F-PnII/15v, PL-Wu2004/41v, PL-Wu2010/36

A-ROII/21rCourante in DWeissSW 63.2 (Sm 557)

A-ROII/21vBouree in DWeissSW 63.3 (Sm 559)

A-ROII/21vTrio in DWeissSW 63.4 (Sm 558)

A-ROII/22rSarabande in DWeissSW 63.5; cf. App 21
F-PnII/16r ("Johann Sigismund Weiss")

A-ROII/22vMenuet in DWeissSW 63.6; WeissSW 2.6 (Sm 16)
var. 7/65v (var. ), CZ-Pst/81-2, GB-Lbl30387/10r (au), D-Mbs/32v, F-PnII/17r, PL-Wu2010/231

A-ROII/22vGigue in DWeissSW 63.7

A-ROII/32vOuverture in dApp 19; WeissSW 61.1 (Sm 548)

A-ROII/34rMenuet in dWeissSW 61.3 (Sm 550)

A-ROII/34vSarabande in dWeissSW 61.7

A-ROII/35rGuique in dWeissSW 61.4 (Sm 551)

A-ROII/35vPresto in CWeissSW 88.7 (Sm 511)

A-ROII/39vOuverture in FWeissSW 62.1 (Sm 376)

A-ROII/40vCourante in FWeissSW 62.2 (Sm 377)

A-ROII/41vLa Galante in FWeissSW 62.4 (Sm 378)
A-Su/48r, F-PnII/20v

A-ROII/42rSarabande in FWeissSW 62.11

A-ROII/42vMenuet in FWeissSW 62.9 (Sm 379)

A-ROII/43vCiacconna in FWeissSW 62.12; WeissSW 1.12 (Sm 573)

A-ROII/45rSarabanda in FApp 20; WeissSW 62.6 (Sm 562)

A-ROII/46vAllemande in dWeissSW 87.1

A-ROII/47vCourante in dWeissSW 87.2

A-ROII/48vGavotte in dWeissSW 87.3

A-ROII/49rMenuet in dWeissSW 87.4
I-VgcChilesotti/521.1, A-KR156/5v, Wru/76

A-ROII/49vGique in dWeissSW 87.5

A-ROII/52rAllemande in FWeissSW 1.2 (Sm 2)
D-Dl/11, A-ROII/52r, GB-Lbl30387/1v (au), A-Wn1078/39v (au), PL-Wu2003/2r, PL-Wu2004/5v, PL-Wu2005/1

A-ROII/52vCourante in FWeissSW 1.3 (Sm 3)
D-Dl/12, GB-Lbl30387/2v (au), D-ROu53.1A/75v ("Courand"), A-Wn1078/40v (au), PL-Wu2003/2v, PL-Wu2004/6v, PL-Wu2005/2

A-ROII/54vBourée in FWeissSW 1.4 (Sm 4)
D-Dl/13, GB-Lbl30387/3v (au), PL-Wu2003/3r, PL-Wu2004/6r, PL-Wu2005/3

A-ROII/55rSarabd: in FWeissSW 1.5 (Sm 5)
D-Dl/13, GB-Lbl30387/4r (au), A-Wn1078/42v (au), PL-Wu2003/3v, PL-Wu2004/7r, PL-Wu2005/4

A-ROII/55vMenuet in FWeissSW 1.6 (Sm 6)
D-Dl/16, GB-Lbl30387/4v (au)

A-ROII/56vGuique in FWeissSW 1.7 (Sm 7)
D-Dl/14, GB-Lbl30387/5r (au), A-Wn1078/43v (au), PL-Wu2003/4v, PL-Wu2004/8r, PL-Wu2005/6