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Silvius Leopold Weiss

The Moscow manuscript (Tim Crawford)
About the London & Dresden manuscripts (Tim Crawford)
T.Crawford, SL Weiss Congress, Freiburg, September 1992
Tim Crawford's research page
Les manuscrites de Madame Thibault
Arthur Ness on the manuscripts, that formerly belonged to Madame Geneviève Thibault (Comtesse de Chambure). There are two Weiss manuscripts included.
Richard Civiol's tablature page
Jean-Daniel Forgets - Tablatures
David Charlton's Weiss biography
A Poet's description
The Reconstructions of Weiss's Lute Duos by Charlie Schröder (public domain)
Karl-Ernst Schröder has reconstructed all Dresden lute duos by S.L. Weiss and one of the London ensemble sonatas (S-C 20).
You can download this wonderful music for 2 baroque lutes here.