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by Laurent Duroselle

This site would not have been possible without the help of the following persons. Many others have helped to get recordings, that weren't available otherwise. They shouldn't be forgotten: Bernard Azancot from the French Lute Society, Tim Burris, Dr. H.Kahlert.

Don't forget: You also can help me!.

  • Tim Crawford : An important musicologist, who worked in 1989-2002 at the Music Departement of King's College and is now employed at the Centre for Computational Creativity at City University. Contrary to many prejudices this scientist is a competent user of computer programs. He even took part in developing a program for musical notation. He is THE reference for S.L.Weiss. Therefore I cannot allow me to plagiate him, even if he has the informations that I need. You can read more on him on his site.

  • Michel Cardin: Lutenist and theorbist, formerly guitarrist, musicologist. His complete recording of the London manuscript (12 CDs) deserves great respect and admiration. It took 7 months to get in contact with him, but my patience was well worth the effort. Michel Cardin is a kind person. I have to thank him for many informations that can be found here, especially his annotations to the London manuscript. Our cooperation is the fruit of his generosity and his unselfish (regarding money) passion for the music. I hope to prove myself thankful to him some day. If you are interested in engaging him for a concert, don't hesitate to get in contact with me. I will forward it to him.
  • Markus Lutz : I really was surprised, when Markus sent me an Email and told me, that he was going to translate the Weiss page into German. His generous contribution is without any doubt a big step for many Weiss enthusiast. I can only thank him for this huge and important work, that helps to spread the informations on Weiss more widely.
  • Peter van Dessel: As a passionate Weiss enthusiastic he has helped very often to find the Smith-Crawford numbers for the recorded works. His efforts gave me the opportunity to offer visitors another diskographie with "Smith" numbers. Many thanks for his "Catalogue Raisonné"
  • Michel Durand-Mabire: A professional violinist, whose trained virtual eye and his remarks had been an important stimulation. On his site you will find many pages that are dedicated to the great violinist David Oïstrakh  with photos, music examples and an excellent diskographie. As enthusiastic admirer of the virtuoso from Odessa he has a very important, perhaps the most complete collection of his recordings. I can only strongly recommend to visit his site. The informations on this "Monstre sacré" of the violin, that you get there, are only to be surpassed by the pleasure to hear him. Don't hesitate to send him an email.

  • Yann Roblou : A friend, who has kindly and unselfishly contributed his English knowledge. I want to thank him now.

  • Corinne: my beloved wife. She corrected very strictly the pages regarding orthography, grammar and graphical design. So she helped me to avoid that the pages would come across as too ridiculous. Do I have to mention, how much patience someone needs, to live together with a Weiss and Bach enthusiastic, if she is loving Mahler and Wagner.

  • Michel Baron: This professor of music from Canada has proof-read the pages from time to time. No mistake escaped him. He once sent me a long professoral email on issues like orthography and he advised me regarding some issues at law. He is right in saying that the more often you read your own writings the more mistakes will escape you. I want to thank him for his great patience. I advise you to visit both of his sites (French). The first is about Classical music in general, the other one deals with composition rules. I have to warn you: These sites are so huge, that you will need more than one visit.