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The rarity of the sources is apt to discourage any amateur willing to acquire further information.

We are happy to be able to present Michel Cardin's texts on the London manuscript (at the moment English only). They give his insights in the music of the London manuscripts and different aspects of Weiss's lute music: London unveiled

The only work, that is available online to my knowledge, is Tim Crawford’s "The Moscow Weiss Manuscript".

We could add David Charlton’s biographic page, which is a good synthesis of Weiss’ life. David Charlton mentions in his bibliography Douglas A.Smith’s The Late Sonatas of Silvius Leopold Weiss (PhD dissertation (May 1977).

The booklets contained in the CDs are particularly interesting. As if the lack of documents had incited the authors to be clearer, more detailled - which is rather infrequent, you will agree with me. It is to be noted that Claude Chauvel lets his passion take over - to our full enjoyment - and that Michel Cardin proves to be extremely precise concerning the pieces he records.

Still, I need your help.

Many of the following works or articles are no longer available but one never knows, with a bit of luck... The most recent research you will find in the Journals of the LSA, that are currently published by Douglas Alton Smith and Frank Legl.
cf. also lute publishers